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Best Fat Tire Electric Bikes [of 2021]

You may have previously bought an electric bike that fell short of what was advertised. Given the high cost of electric bikes, compared to traditional bikes, it makes sense to find the best in the market before committing your money.

The best fat tire electric bikes of 2021 are:

  • Rambo Venom 1000 XPR (our pick)

  • MotoTech Roadster 500W

  • Ecotric 48v 1000W Bison e-bike

  • Ecotric Fat 20 portable e-bike

Our list of the best fat tire electric bikes of 2021 has the most versatile, powerful, reliable, and comfortable e-bikes you can find. 

Keep reading to learn more about the fat tire e-bikes that made the list and where to buy them.

What are the best fat tire electric bikes?

Our criteria for selecting the best fat tire e-bike includes:

  • Speed: How big is the motor? Does the motor size affect the speed of the e-bike?

  • Performance: How does the battery perform?  Can the e-bike meet your performance needs? 

  • Practicality: Can you ride the fat tire e-bike on rough terrain, snow, the beach, or hilly mountains without performance lag?

  • Reliability: A reliable fat tire e-bike is built to last. Ideally, it needs to be safe when driving at high speed.

  • Comfort: Is the bike difficult to ride? Is pedaling or handling difficult?

1. Rambo Venom 1000 XPR e-bike

Rambo the Venom is our best overall choice of fat tire electric bike in 2021. The 1000 XPR boasts a 48V battery, 1000W motor, and a 14-gear speed rear hub. 

It is a multi-purpose bike that’s great for hunting off-road and on flat surfaces.


  1. Speed: The Venom 1000 XPR  has a maximum torque of 160N.m. If you’re a 6-foot, 200-pound man on the bike, it can pull you up a hill quite easily.

  2. Performance: The 1000W motor delivers high performance that peaks at 1500W when combined with the 40-mile distance battery power (for the 17Amp hour battery). The battery outperforms its competitors by giving you more amp-hours.

  3. Reliability: The Maxxis Minion 26 x 4.8” tires make the bike sturdy and comfortable on rough and hilly roads. Plus, having Samsung manufacture the lithium-ion battery means more stable and reliable battery power.

  4. Practicality: The battery is located at the lower part of the frame, which lowers the center of gravity (better balance) and makes the bike more responsive. 

  5. Comfort: The 1000W motor is almost silent, giving you a peaceful off-road ride.



  • Versatile for all-terrain
  • Strong aluminum frame yet lightweight at 71 lbs
  • High torque and motor power that you can gauge from three sensors
  • Full-color LCD screen that shows your battery usage
  • Fourteen-speed hub
  • Modular design makes it easy to maintain and disassemble the e-bike
  • Expensive

Price: Discounted at $7499.99  at Wheely Wheels with free shipping.

Alternatively, you could get the Rambo Megatron 1000 X2WD e-bike that gives similar superior power, reliability, and comfort at a lesser price of $6999.99.

2. MotoTec Roadster 500W lithium e-bike

The rugged MotoTec Roadster 500W is one of the most versatile e-bikes in the market. It boasts a 48V lithium battery and can reach speeds of 20 mph.

This fat tire e-bike is best for riding flat roads in urban centers and the vast mountains. You can use it for regular commuting, nature trail riding, and lightweight off-roading.


  1. Speed: The 500W motor gives you enough power to ascend a hill at 20 mph.

  2. Performance: The Roadster boasts 7 shifter gears and 5 electronic with a 15AH lithium battery

  3. Practicality: The aluminum frame is strong and sturdy for off-road use. Plus, the LCD screen allows you to see your speed, battery use, and error codes.

  4. Reliability: The Roadster is safe enough for your children to ride and can take you 31-37 miles for up to 6 hours of recharge.

  5. Comfort: The front and rear suspensions give you the maximum comfort when riding on rough terrain.



  • Speeds of 20 mph uphill
  • Sturdy because of the strong aluminum frame
  • Can travel longer distances before recharging
  • Suspensions give the e-bike more comfort when riding
  • Heavy at 80 lbs
  • Has a maximum rider weight of 330 lbs
  • Plastic fender gets bent easily

Price: Buy from Wheely Wheels at $1999.00 (20% discount) and free shipping

3. Ecotric 48V 1000W e-bike Bison

The Ecotric 48V is a powerful e-bike. Its 1000W motor can reach 20 to 28 mph up a hilly road.

The fat tire e-bike is best for a daily commute in urban areas, camping, and riding the nature trails.


  1. Speed: The 1000W hub motor gives strong power for a smooth and quiet ride.

  2. Performance: The 48V large-capacity battery gives you 400-600 cycles. However, a 48V battery will have you looking to recharge in 40 minutes if you don’t want to stall in the woods.

  3. Practicality: The battery fits well in the body frame 

  4. Reliability: The high-quality aluminum frame gives the e-bike a strong frame that can handle high speeds.

  5. Comfort: Experience comfort riding with the MOZO Backflush Hydraulic suspension system that absorbs shock on dirt roads, bumps, and small to medium hills. Also quite a smooth ride on grass and flat roads. The 26 x 4.8” heavy-duty tires deliver comfort when riding on rough roads and bumpy hills.


The Ecotric LCD screen allows you to check your speed information, mileage, power, and power-assist levels. It’s easy to read errors and charge devices on the USB port.

The hydraulic brakes give powerful performance and safety with high speed.



  • Powerful yet quiet motor experience
  • Lightweight yet strong because of the aluminum frame
  • Short charging time of 6-8 hours
  • Seven-speed transmission with high-quality Shimano 7 gears
  • Hydraulic disk brakes
  • No fenders
  • Slightly heavier at 79lb, including the battery

Price: $1999.99

Buy from Wheely Wheels and get a 20% discount with free shipping 

4. Ecotric Fat 20 portable e-bike

The Fat 20 is a lower-priced fat tire e-bike with a 48V 500W motor. It is the best portable and folding e-bike whose performance rivals non-folding e-bikes.

It is best used for urban travel and light off-roading.


  1. Speed: It can reach up to 20 mph. 

  2. Performance: The e-bike gives you up to 28 mph on electric mode with a 5-speed mode on the throttle and pedal assist. The 13Ah battery gives you a longer ride than a 12Ah battery. 

  3. Practicality: Foldable components (such as the upper tube, handlebar stem, and pedals) make it very portable. The smart LCD intuitively shows the real-time status of your e-bike.

  4. Reliability: Advanced safety features protect the bike and rider from overcharge, over-voltage, short circuit, temperature, and over-release. 

  5. Comfort: The 20" anti-puncture and non-slip tires make the ride safe and comfortable. Ergonomic seat cushions your body from bumpy surfaces.



  • Foldable components 
  • Ergonomic seating and anti-puncture tires
  • Five-speed mode 
  • Advanced safety features
  • Lightweight at 58 lbs
  • Mechanical disc brakes

Price: Discounted at $969.99 from Wheely Wheels


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Final Thoughts

The best fat tire electric bikes of 2021 are:

  • Rambo Venom 1000 XPR (our pick)
  • MotoTech Roadster 500W
  • Ecotric 48V 1000W bison
  • Ecotric Fat 20 portable e-bike


These are the most versatile, powerful, reliable, and comfortable fat tire e-bikes for 2021. You can now take advantage of our 20% discount on these e-bikes and get your hands on the best fat tire electric bikes in the market.