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Best Electric Bike for 2021

An electric bike is a safe and convenient alternative to cars. These vehicles ensure you spend more time outdoors while ensuring optimal comfort while riding. They are perfect for heading to work but also exploring the area. 

The suitability for different terrains might vary depending on the model. You can pick from different categories, and it’s not only about finding the best e-bikes 2021 has to offer. It’s vital to choose a vehicle that meets your expectations. Check out the selection of top electric bicycles and pick a favorite below!

What are the Best E-Bikes for 2021?

Before proceeding to actual vehicles, here is a quick overview of the main features to consider when choosing an electric bicycle:

  • Motor power. You don’t need much strength throughout the city. But if you go off-road or tackle hills, you’ll appreciate the extra power.

  • Frame and construction. The materials chosen usually include aluminum, steel, or another metal. It’s vital to consider overall durability and stability.

  • Tires. These are also crucial for different terrain suitability. You need thicker tires for off-road surfaces.

  • Weight and foldability. If a bike is heavy, it could be more stable. However, it’s also more difficult to transport. It’s when you might appreciate finding a foldable unit.

  • Battery and range. An average e-bike can pass anywhere from 20 to 50 miles on a single charge. Batteries have different lifespans and times required to charge, so make sure to choose carefully.

Here is the selection of the top units currently available!

1. Rambo the Venom 1000 XPR Electric Bike


  • Motor power: 1,000W 
  • Weight: 71pounds
  • Range: 40 miles
  • Capacity: 300 pounds


Rambo is a premium brand, and the Venom is among the best e-bikes 2021 has to offer. It has incredible 1,000W motor power but combines that with fantastic comfort. The vehicle gauges the speed with three sensors, and the pedal torque ensures riding it is hassle-free. If you need extra power uphill, the device’s peak rating goes up to 1,500W.

The Venom uses batteries developed by Rambo. The manufacturer integrates them into the frame at a lower position than usual. This ensures better responsiveness and higher speeds. The company acquired batteries from Samsung, and they’ll maintain optimal performance for years. You can reach up to 40 miles on a single charge, which is impressive for such a powerful bike.

Rambo the Venom 1000 XPR features a 14-speed gear hub. You’ll find four-piston hydraulic brakes in the front and back, while the front is fully adjustable. Riders control the electric motor with the left handlebar, while the right one is for pedal gears with full throttle. The LCD display in the front gives you all the relevant info on the screen.

The electric bike has fat 26x4.8” tires, and that ensures suitability for different terrains. Whether you drive through the city or the mountains, it will be a pleasure. Rambo didn’t only integrate the motor but also the controller. Thanks to the modular design, it will be easy to handle any maintenance work and repair if necessary. Overall, the Venom is a true premium bike. Its cost might be higher than average, but it delivers a premium riding experience.

2. Ecotric Peacedove Electric City Bike


  • Motor power: 350W 
  • Weight: 55pounds
  • Range: 20 miles
  • Capacity: 265 pounds


Ecotric proved that an electric bike doesn’t have to cost a fortune. This is an entry-level model perfect for going to work. It will help you avoid traffic jams, and it’s perfect for moving across different parts of the city.

Peacedove electric bike has 26 x 1.95 tires. Although they are heavy-duty, it’s still not the best idea to take this vehicle to the mountains. Its seven-speed transmission and overall lightweight will make it a breeze to cruise through the city. You can place all your essentials in the front basket to ensure they are safe during the ride.

A single battery charge will cover you for around 20 miles. The manufacturer used a durable lithium-ion combination. It doesn’t take long to restore this 36V battery to full charge. You can monitor the remaining energy on the screen. The battery will last for 400-600 cycles, which is why the company only gives an 18-month warranty. If you consider the price, that’s still an excellent value for money.

3. X-Treme Malibu Elite Max


  • Motor power: 350W 
  • Weight: 57 pounds
  • Range: 30 miles
  • Capacity: 350 pounds


X-Treme calls this model the Beach Cruiser, and it performs well across all terrains. The vehicle features aluminum wheels with 26 x 2.125” balloon beach tires. The manufacturer partnered with Shimano to include a seven-speed transmission. You’ll find the motor in the rear wheel’s center. Its maximum power is 350W, which is decent for an electric bike.

The hand-welded frame is a nice touch as it is durable and lightweight. Mudguards secure protection from any dirt, and the vehicle also has a headlight. The Power Assist System is noticeable on display. You can pick between four different speeds. If your bike runs out of energy, you can choose to pedal it manually.

X-Treme Malibu Elite Max features a removable battery with seven cells that only require four hours to recharge. They’ll take you up to 30 miles before they need to energize again. You can adjust the seat height from 33 to 39 inches. The vehicle can hold up to 350 pounds, which is impressive for a light frame. The manufacturer includes a complimentary basket, which is foldable for your convenience.

4. GreenBike Big Dog Extreme


  • Motor power: 750W 
  • Weight: 61 pounds
  • Range: Up to 50 miles
  • Capacity: 300 pounds


GreenBike has perfected its Big Dog Extreme model over the years. This is the 2021 edition, and it’s among the best e-bikes because it has excellent value for money. You notice the modern design first. The mixture of red, black, and white ensures a contemporary appearance that will impress bystanders.

If you look closely, you’ll notice the motor comes with an impressive 750W nominal rating. That ensures the Big Dog Extreme can compete with any premium electric bike. The manufacturer used the 20 x4.0 tires in front and rear. That’s an impressive thickness that ensures you can tackle any off-road surface with this vehicle.

This bike’s next major feature is that it’s foldable. It guarantees easier storage, and it’s suitable if you plan to take it on a trip. Once you turn it on, a single battery charge will take you up to 50 miles. It takes five hours to be ready to get back on the road again.

The display features the assist level chooser and an odometer, trip distance, speed, and battery life. You can adjust the stem height, and there are seven gears available on this vehicle.

5. Bikonit Warthog MD 750 Electric Bike


  • Motor power: 750W 
  • Weight: 70 pounds
  • Range: Up to 100 miles
  • Capacity: 300 pounds


Bikonit Warthog is available in three different designs. From the matte grey to the classic black and sand yellow, you can easily pick your favorite. Once you scratch under the surface, you see that performance is this bike’s best feature.

The manufacturer implemented a unique dual-battery design. It’ll cost more, but it increases the maximum range to an impressive 100 miles. You won’t find an electric bicycle that can reach a higher distance during a single trip. This requires charging both batteries, and it takes several hours per one to be fully ready.

Bikonit Warthog features an LCD screen with a brightness that automatically adjusts to the environment. The device has a backlight, and the pedal-assist technology allows you to choose between multiple settings.

The batteries use the 750W motor power to their max. The peak output goes to 1500W when necessary. You can take this e-bike to forest trails, but also snow paths, and other off-road surfaces. This is a true all-terrain vehicle, and adventure lovers will appreciate its versatility.

6. X-Treme Rocky Road Fat Tire Electric Bicycle


  • Motor power: 500W 
  • Weight: 67 pounds
  • Range: 70 miles
  • Capacity: 350 pounds


If you need an electric mountain bike, you can’t go wrong with X-Treme Rocky Road. The 26 x 4.0 tires attract your attention immediately. The manufacturer went with the oversized version to ensure maximum off-road surface suitability.

X-Treme Rocky Road features all-aluminum construction. From the frame to nuts and bolts, everything is from this material. The driving system includes a power assist option but also manual pedaling. You can choose from five different settings. The LCD helps you monitor the current level and pending battery life. Depending on that, you can make the adjustments and maximize the range to 70 miles per charge.

The electric bike features a durable 48V battery. Combined with 500W motor power, it ensures you can tackle any hill. The disk brakes are reliable, and the entire system ensures you stop quickly when that’s necessary. Thanks to the total bearing capacity of 350 pounds, this vehicle will accommodate most drivers effortlessly.

X-Treme even added a drink holder on the handlebar. It’s a convenient accessory you’ll appreciate if you get thirsty. Overall, this is an excellent bicycle and a worthy investment if you plan on exploring nature.

7. Ecotric Starfish 20”


  • Motor power: 350W 
  • Weight: 50 pounds
  • Range: 30 miles
  • Capacity: 200 pounds


Convenience is the major advantage of riding e-bikes around the city. If you use the vehicle to commute, you’ll love the foldable Ecotric Starfish. The manufacturer made it as light as possible since the total weight is only 50 pounds. You can fold it in seconds, and its compact size will impress you.

The manufacturer used an aluminum alloy frame and acquired UL certification to ensure customer safety. The tires have 20 x 1.75” specifications, so it’s not smart to go outside the city. However, this vehicle is an eco-friendly and convenient choice through city jams.  You can rely on front and rear brakes, as well as the pedal-assist function. If you want manual throttle, it’s easy to activate it.

The battery can last up to 30 miles. It should be enough to get to and from work on a single charge. The seven-speed transmission makes the ride enjoyable. Once you arrive home, put the battery to charge immediately. It takes up to eight hours to be full, and it lasts for up to 600 cycles. Overall, this is a reliable, budget-friendly e-bicycle suitable for commuters and city rides!

8. MotoTec Demon Electric Dirt Bike


  • Motor power: 500W 
  • Weight: 53 pounds
  • Range: 14 miles
  • Capacity: 150 pounds


This is an electric bike for children, which is why it might not seem powerful enough at first. MotoTec designed the device for riders that are at least 13 years old. It’s great for parents or siblings who want to tackle dirt surfaces with their children.

The Demon electric dirt bike features a steel frame and aluminum rims. It has adjustable handlebars and stable construction. Always honor its maximum recommended capacity of 150 pounds to avoid performance problems.

MotoTec made sure to include a powerful 500W motor, while the 36V battery can hold for up to 14 miles. It takes up to six hours to charge. Most children love the modern and bold design of the Demon Electric Dirt Bike. Please note safety is always a top priority. Wearing a helmet and other protective equipment is mandatory, especially for children riding an electric bicycle.


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Final Thoughts

It’s not easy to pick the best e-bikes 2021 offers. Those who only plan to move around the city will be happy with an entry-level electric bicycle. But if you want to ride through the mountains or explore the area, you need more power. It also helps if you pick a bike with fat tires since they make the vehicle more versatile.

You don’t have to leave home to get an e-bike. Reliable online stores offer an impressive device range for anyone’s preference. Whether you are on a tight budget or want a premium bicycle, it can arrive at your doorstep. You only need to pick the electric unit that suits you and place an order today!