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The 12 Best Electric Bikes for Every Kind of Ride

With so many models available in the market, it’s hard to identify the best electric bike. It’s not about finding the most powerful unit, but one that suits your needs. You want different characteristics for city driving and touring the mountains. You can find top electric bikes for every kind of ride in the reviews below. Check out the detailed descriptions and pick out your favorite!

What Is the Best Electric Bike for Your Needs?

Before going on a quest for a bicycle, it’s necessary to consider your requirements and preferences. These are some questions that can help you during the selection process:

  • Where do you plan to ride the e-bike? Will you only stick to concrete surfaces and cruise the city? Would you like to take it off-road and explore the nearby scenery? The latter might require more motor power, but also bigger tires.

  • What distances do you plan to cover on a single charge? If your office is far, you need an e-bike that can pass at least 25-30 miles before it needs a battery refill.

  • Do you need a light e-bike, or do you want extra bearing capacity? If your ride is heavier, the odds are it can accommodate drivers with a few extra pounds. Lighter electric bikes are easier to carry and often foldable, but their bearing capacity might be lower.

  • What’s your planned budget? E-bike prices vary from $500 to $5000 or more. Low-cost units can be sufficient for basic needs. But if you want to go on demanding rides, it might be smart to invest in a high-end model.

Keep these questions in mind while reading the reviews of the recommended e-bikes below!

1.  Rambo The Megatron 1000 X2WD Electric Bike

Basic Info

  • Power: 1000W
  • Range: <80 miles
  • Weight: 77 pounds
  • Tires: Maxxis Minion 26” x 4.8”

Detailed Review

Many users find Rambo the best electric bike brand today. Megatron is a powerful premium model that will serve you for years. You can use it for heading to work and cruising the city, but also go on off-road surfaces and tackle slopes.

The vehicle has fat tires with double rims for added durability. It ensures you won’t have problems even on muddy terrains and off-road exploration. If you come across a hill, you’ll appreciate the strong 1,000W motor. There’s no slope it can’t overcome while providing an enjoyable riding experience.

Rambo uses integrated batteries, which take less room in the frame. The biggest advantage of this electric bike is its dual charge. The company added dual lithium-ion batteries of the strongest quality. They ensure your vehicle can go up to 80 miles on a single charge.

Megatron 1000 X2WD is incredibly strong and durable. It weighs 77 pounds, which doesn’t make it the lightest unit out there. However, you get excellent stability in return. The frame is from an aluminum alloy of impressive quality, while the 4-piston brakes are in the front and rear. The bike can handle 300 pounds, which gives you some room to store essentials or carry a backpack when hiking. The only downside is that a basket doesn’t come with the product, but you need to acquire it as a separate accessory.

2. Bikonit Warthog HD 750 Electric Bike

Basic Info

  • Power: 750W
  • Range: <80 miles
  • Weight: 72-80 pounds
  • Tires: Kenda Juggernaut 26 x 4.5”

Detailed Review

Bikonit Warthog is an all-terrain e-bike. Do you need it to go to work daily? You can rely on it to pass long distances up to 80 miles. However, please note that this electric bike comes in single and dual-battery variations. Each has a 48V 15Ah capacity, but the distance lowers to about 50 miles if you only use one powering unit. The extra battery adds eight more pounds to the overall bike weight, but it increases range significantly.

If you head outside the city, you’ll appreciate the fat 26 x 4.5” tires suitable for off-road surfaces. You can head to the woods and tackle muddy terrains, and there’s no need to worry about snow paths. The nominal motor rating is 750W, but it peaks at twice as much for optimal performance.

Bikonit used 6061 aluminum alloy for the frame and a four-piston hydraulic brake. The wiring features quick plugs with connectors that are resistant to water. That ensures you can ride the bike in wet conditions without worrying it would compromise its durability. As usual, you can pick between pedal assist and classic modes. It ensures you can take charge and ride the bike manually when you feel like it. 

3. Dahon K-ONE Electric Bike Mid Drive

Basic Info

  • Power: 250W
  • Range: <30 miles
  • Weight: 42 pounds
  • Tires: 2-inch thick

Detailed Review

Are you aiming for a foldable electric bike? This feature has many advantages since you can pack the unit up for simple storage. It’s also convenient if you can’t leave it in front of the work building but need to take it inside. Dahon K-ONE weighs only 42 pounds, which is incredibly lightweight. It’s foldable and only takes seconds to unpack when necessary.

Tong-Sheng designed the 250W central motor. It gives decent power, especially for a light model. You can pass up to 30 miles on a single charge, although that depends on how you ride. The LCD screen will help you by showing the battery volume, as well as the current speed. You can’t expect to go at a high pace since the motor has strength for about 20mph.

Dahon made sure to secure a light but durable construction. You’ll feel comfortable on the seat, and you can pick between eight different gears when riding. Overall, this is a lightweight e-bike of impressive quality.  It’s not for off-road surfaces and demanding slopes. However, you can rely on it to serve well for years if you plan to use it for cruising around the city.

4. ECOTRIC Big Fat Tire Electric Bike Bison

Basic Info

  • Power: 1000W
  • Range: <30 miles
  • Weight: 79 pounds
  • Tires: 26 x 4.8”

Detailed Review

Ecotric showed that you could pack premium performance into an electric bike that’s fairly affordable. The first thing you notice is the aluminum alloy frame. The manufacturer found the right balance between the total weight and stability. You’ll find the maximum bearing capacity is 265 pounds, so this product is suitable for drivers who have some extra weight.

The motor packs 1000V of power, and there is a Shimano seven-speed transmission. The sheer strength will ensure this unit can tackle a steep uphill. Another important benefit lies in thick 26.4.8” tires. Thanks to these, you can use this product as an electric mountain bike. A muddy, uneven, or off-road surface won’t compromise its performance.

The 48V 17.6Ah battery secures a range that usually goes over 20 miles but rarely beyond 30. It depends on where you ride the bike and the level of power-assist used. The display is useful, and you can use it to see the current battery level but also get info on mileage and speed. You can pick from five power-assist adjustments.

Once the battery doesn’t have more energy, you can charge it completely in six to eight hours. The manufacturer gives an 18-month warranty, and the battery approximately lasts up to 600 service cycles. It’s worth noting that the Bison model also looks great, with a beautiful design and fine details. Overall, it’s a mid-range unit that is versatile and suitable for any ride type.

5. GreenBike Big Dog Extreme 2021 Edition

Basic Info

  • Power: 750W
  • Range: <50 miles
  • Weight: 61 pounds
  • Tires: Innova 20 x 4.0”

Detailed Review

GreenBike offers seven different color combinations for its Big Dog Extreme electric bike. You can pick from black and gold, but also white and other lighter combinations. That guarantees everyone can pick their favorite look, and the important thing is that the performance is also admirable.

The fat four-inch-thick tiles are noticeable and durable. Whether you need to tackle a steep uphill, sandy, or muddy surface, they’ll be up to the task. The 750W motor that peaks at 1200W ensures even more versatility and guarantees comfort on all terrains. You’ll appreciate the LED lights in front and rear as they can help when the visibility is lower.

GreenBike Big Dog Extreme allows you to pick the desired assist level on display. The useful info also includes speed and trip distance and the remaining battery life. The 48V unit will take you up to 50 miles.  However, it largely depends on where you ride the unit. If you go on demanding terrains, the maximum distance per charge can lower to 25 miles. The good news is that the battery doesn’t take more than six hours to refill.

The frame of this electric bike is foldable. GreenBike made transport and storage easier. The manufacturer is willing to provide a 12-month warranty on all components. Overall, the ride features a decent value for the price, especially if you need a powerful foldable unit.

6. MotoTec Roadster 48V 500W

Basic Info

  • Power: 500W
  • Range: <37 miles
  • Weight: 80 pounds
  • Tires: 20”

Detailed Review

The brushless 500W performs well, and it’s also surprisingly quiet. Even if you push it to high speeds, the low noise level will surprise you. MotoTec made its Roadster electric bike incredibly stable and durable. The overall weight is 80 pounds, which is more than average. However, the aluminum frame and other components offer maximum sturdiness. If you aren’t sure about your riding skills, you might appreciate the stability that this e-bike offers.

You can pick from seven shifters and five electronic gears. If necessary, you can take manual charge of the vehicle. The battery will last for up to 37 miles. Thanks to the fat tires and reliable disk brakes, you can tackle slopes and uneven terrains. You’ll monitor the battery life on the display. That’s where speed and any error report will also show.

Charging the battery completely takes no more than six hours. Another notable pro is that the bearing capacity is 330 pounds, which is impressive. The seat is comfortable and uses generous padding. That’s important to ensure there aren’t strains when riding for long.

7. Rambo The Rebel 1000XPC Electric Bike

Basic Info

  • Power: 1000W
  • Range: <48 miles
  • Weight: 69 pounds
  • Tires: Maxxis Minion 26” x 4.8.”

Detailed Review

The Rebel is another premium unit manufactured by Rambo. This is primarily an electric mountain bike, although it can also serve for city riding. It’s hard not to draw a comparison with the Megatron model. Rebel is more affordable but still suitable for those looking for a reliable and long-lasting bike.

This vehicle features a single 21Amp/h battery, which also has integrated construction. The manufacturer places it low on the frame, which gives more responsibility. Samsung is the battery producer, and its life cycle stretches to hundreds of charges. If it’s full, the bike can take you up to 48 miles. You only need several hours to charge it, which makes it energy-efficient.

Rebel 1000XPC has fat tires, making it suitable for all surfaces. You can ride through sandy beaches, deep snow, and muddy terrains. During the trip, you can rely on hydraulic front and rear brakes. They ensure you can act in time if anything unpredictable happens while riding.

This model is somewhat lighter than Megatron since it weighs only 69 pounds. The manufacturer mostly used the same aluminum alloy and other materials, which ensures optimal stability. This unit also uses a 1000W motor whose peak rating can go up to 1500W. According to tests, the maximum torque is 160N.m. That’s important because you’ll start strongly as soon as you sit behind the wheel. The mixture of power and torque secure that you can get your bike going even on steep surfaces.

8. EWheels EW – Supreme Electric Bike

Basic Info

  • Power: 750W
  • Range: <45 miles
  • Weight: 68 pounds
  • Tires: 26 x 4”

Detailed Review

This is a model from the BAM EWheels series that is famous for providing excellent value for money. The geared hub motor has a nominal rating of 750W, and it peaks at much more. You can utilize five different pedal-assist levels. The unit has 12 magnet cadence sensors. If you feel like it, you can twist the throttle and cruise the road.

The tires are surprisingly fat for a mid-range model. Thanks to the 26-inch diameter and four-inch thickness, you can go off-road and tackle any terrain. From mountains to beaches and snow, no surface will be a problem for this ride.

EWheels EW features an aluminum frame. The unit is available in two different but basic designs. You can pick between white and black options. The disc brakes are at the front and rear sides, while the LCD display offers all info you might need. That includes current speed, battery life, and other relevant info. The bell and wheel reflectors contribute to safety and the overall appearance.

This electric bike offers an adjustable seat height. You can pick from 34 to 41.5”, and that gives plenty of room to find the desired adjustment. The seat diameter is generous and ensures optimal comfort.

9. Glion B1 Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

Basic Info

  • Power: 500W
  • Range: 30 miles
  • Weight: 60 pounds
  • Tires: 20x4”

Detailed Review

At first glance, this bike is a bit smaller than some other units on the list. Its seat height is adjustable and goes up to 36 inches. That’s still somewhat lower compared to some other bikes, so make sure you are okay with these settings.

If you are, you’ll love the mix of performance and lightness offered by Glion B1. For starters, the unit weighs 60 pounds. This is important because the frame is foldable, and the dimensions once you pack it are 40 x 30 x 23 inches. That should make it much easier for storage and transport.

Glion added four-inch tires to the bike. Combined with stability, that ensures comfort on bumpy terrains and off-road surfaces. The maximum load is 250 pounds, but that’s in line with an e-bike whose main idea is to remain light.

Apart from securing stability, the manufacturer used components that have an IPX4 resistance rating. The LCD screen has a backlight, which ensures you see relevant info in all weather conditions. You can pick the desired pedal assist level to enjoy the ride completely.

10. Ecotric Tornado Full Suspension MTB Electric Bike

Basic Info

  • Power: 750W
  • Range: 20 miles
  • Weight: 62 pounds
  • Tires: 25 x 2.35”

Detailed Review

MTB is an abbreviation for a mountain bike. This electric ride is suitable for slopes, and it has enough power to take you uphill. The nominal rating of its motor is 750W, and the brushless technology ensures the noise level remains low at all times. That means it won’t be a bother for your ears, and it won’t disturb birds and other nature’s creatures.

Ecotric added tires that have a thickness of above two inches. However, that’s still short of truly “fat” units. Therefore, it might be smart to avoid deep snow, mud, or sand. Apart from extreme conditions, this ride will behave well on all terrains.

The manufacturer used the Shimano seven-speed transmission, which proved reliable for e-bikes. The LCD screen has all the usual info, so you’ll know how much life your battery has. The full charge can take you for about 20 miles.

It’s nice that Ecotric designed an ergonomic seat to ensure maximum comfort. The impressive shock absorption also contributes to the riding experience.

11. X-Treme Rocky Road Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bicycle

Basic Info

  • Power: 500W
  • Range: <70 miles
  • Weight: 67 pounds
  • Tires: 26 x 2.1”

Detailed Review

X-Treme designed black and metallic white color variations for this electric mountain bike. It’s commendable that you can pick between two battery versions, two. The first one is 48V 10.4Ah, while the alternative is 17Ah. If you pick the latter, you get about 60% more range, which means you can reach up to 70 miles.

This mid-range electric bike has a 500W motor, which is all you need for most terrains. The tires are a bit over two-inch thick, and the system includes disc brakes. The LCD screen is light enough in all weather conditions. Apart from useful info, it also has a charging port for your phone.

X-Treme Rocky Road comes with a 12-month warranty, and there is a separate guarantee for the battery. The bicycle is relatively light, but its suggested loading capacity is 350 pounds. That’s impressive and will allow carrying some heavier items with you.

12. Rambo The Savage 750W Electric Bike

Basic Info

  • Power: 750W
  • Range: <35 miles
  • Weight: 59 pounds
  • Tires: Kenda Krusade 26” x 4.0”

Detailed Review

The dedication Rambo has to its products is impressive. They adjusted the approach for the Savage since their goal wasn’t only power but combining it with lightness. The result is an electric bike that weighs only 59 pounds. It’s not foldable, but it’s fairly easy to move around.

Rambo remained true to its approach of putting the battery low on the frame. They use premium Samsung batteries, and this 14Ah unit can reach up to 35 miles on a single charge. The motor itself has 750W nominal power but an impressive 120N.m torque. Thanks to that, it will really seem like Rambo himself is pulling your bike when you activate it.

The LCD screen is smaller than usual, but it still delivers all necessary information. You’ll find pedal gears and thumb throttle for the motor on the right handlebar. The maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds, and the vehicle is comfortable for the driver. The Savage features a matte black design that looks contemporary.

Final Thoughts

You have so many factors to consider when choosing the best electric bike for your needs. If you want a ride suitable for all terrains and take to the mountains or beaches, it’s better to go with a premium model. By investing some more, you’ll get a long-lasting unit that you can trust. Those who only cruise through the city and ride on concrete surfaces can pick affordable rides.

Whatever your choice is, stick to a reliable online electric bike store. Reputable web shops have a wide unit selection available, and they often offer discounts and excellent prices. Make sure to use them and get a fantastic e-bike delivered to your doorstep!